b'APPLICATION / ENVIRONMENTMoisture: If the label is to be exposed Adhesives: Different adhesives haveFading: We are unable to guaranteeto moisture, then a varnish or a different properties. It is important tosun resistance on our ink labels withlamination film will be required in orderadvise us of any unusual characteristicsour standard inks. If you have any label to protect the ink from washing off. of the surfaces to which the label will bethat will be exposed to a great deal of This varnish or lamination will protectaffixed. Such would include various typessunlight and are looking for longevity,against moisture; but will not give you of plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene,then we must use a lightfast inka greater sun resistance. We suggest polystyrene, etc.), vinyls, rough surfacesand additional charges may apply.that you advise us on the end use so such as wood, small curved surfaces, Please state this requirement whenrecommendations can be discussed. irregular shapes, etc. See a Sales requesting quote. Lightfast is notAssociate for details on stocks. available for all colors.POPULAR ADHESIVESPermanent: This adhesive generally adheres well to most Ultra-Removable: This adhesive allows a label to be removed corrugated, paper and plastic substrates but is not guaranteedfrom a surface without leaving any residue or causing anyto work for every application depending on application damage. The label can then be reapplied to another area/ conditions (dust, humidity, chemicals, etc.). A label with thissurface with no limitation to the number of times it canadhesive may not be easily removed without the label tearing be repositioned. This adhesive works well with paperor leaving residue on the object/surface it was applied to. and film products and is great for labeling crystal, china, Labels with general-purpose permanent adhesive can be sunglasses and other glassware. Ultra-removableapplied at temperatures as low as 25- 35F. It has a serviceadhesives do not become permanent over time.temperature range of -20F to +150F.Bumper Sticker: A label that is repositionable after initialAll Temp: An all-temperature permanent adhesive that application but becomes permanent after a few minutes.provides good room temperature performance and excellentcold temperature performance. Because of its cold-tempproperties and good adhesion to corrugated cardboard, this adhesive is an ideal adhesive for warehouse applications. The minimum application temperature is -20F.It has a serviceNOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any order we deem temperature range of -65F - + 200 F. not acceptable in language or design.Opaque: Opaque adhesive is used for block-out purposes. It is used to prevent show through when a label is used to coverPatents or CopyrightsWhen orders are manufactured to up errors or outdated information. The adhesive is generallycustomers specifications, the purchaser agrees to assume permanent. any liability resulting from actions or demands brought as a result of patent or copyright infringements.Removable: A removable label can be removed withouttearing or pieces remaining on the surface. Depending on itsEstimated Ship Datesare contingent upon receipt of level of tack, a removable label can damage the surface of usable artwork.Electronic proofs may be automatically some materials, such as wood and suede. After a period ofprovided to ensure quality on questionable art and will add time or exposure to weather, the removable label will becometo the overall order turn time.permanent. H O W T O O R D E R :Answer all of these questions and you have all of the info you need to place your label order.1 3What is the size and shape of your label? What ink colors print on your label?2 If you dont know,4 What material do you require? What quantity do you need?simply provide detail regarding: A. How the label will be appliedhand or machine? 5 B. What the label is being applied to. Different adhesives Are there any special packaging requirementsmay be required in order to adhere to different surfaces. (drop shipping, roll outside diameter, shrink C. What the label will be exposed to (water, heat, cold, etc.). wrapping)?'