b'S T A T I C C L I N G / A U T O S E R V I C EPerfect as inside window decals or for smooth White static glass or metal surfaces. back material, read from inside.Easy to apply and easy to remove! PACKAGINGShrink wrapped in units of 250. Pricing below is for one standard ink color.PER LOT PER THOUSANDW x LCatalog # 2505001,0002,0003,0005,00010,0001 x 2 AutoSC1243.19273.72390.12246.03210.56163.01126.65 1 x 2 AutoSC2243.19273.72390.12246.03210.56163.01126.65 2 x 2SC13270.21304.12433.47273.36233.94181.13140.732 x 2 AutoSC3270.21304.12433.47273.36233.94181.13140.73 1 15 / 16x 3 OvalSC4270.21304.12433.47273.36233.94181.13140.73 2 x 2SC5270.21304.12433.47273.36233.94181.13140.73 2 x 4SC6286.62351.16476.82299.48253.13229.24175.04 3 x 3SC7286.62351.16476.82299.48253.13229.24175.04 3 Dia.SC8286.62351.16476.82299.48253.13229.24175.04 4 Dia.SC9399.30490.92649.53396.57326.82274.85211.84 2 15 / 16x 4 7 / 16 OvalSC10342.97421.04563.18348.02289.98252.06193.44 4 x 4SC11399.30490.92649.53396.57326.82274.85211.84 H O W T O O R D E R 2 x 11 Sq CornerSC12606.05743.901001.33628.89531.57504.10386.88 Additional Inks 70.00100.00100.0050.0046.0026.0014.001 Choose your shape and sizeAbove 10M or more than 3 imprint colors, please see Sales Associate. 7A Auto Service Reminders printed on clear material with a white block forNOTE:writing area will count that white as an additional ink color. Additional sizes are available. See Sales Associate for details.2 Choose your material White Vinyl-StaticClear Clearon Back Removable* Vinyl-Static**Specify Face or Back Adhesive/Static. 3 Choose your imprint ink maroon red pink rhodamine purple violet dark blue aqua blue sky blue forest green dark green shamrockblue-green brown bronze gold grey cool grey silver red-orange orange yellow white blackHelp us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover.33 Samples not shown to size.'