b'W I N D O W D E C A L SInside window decal, Associate Memberrepresents face adhesiveviewed through glass.Pricing below is for one standard ink color.PER LOTPER THOUSANDSIZE SizeCatalog # 2505001,0002,0003,0005,000 Most shapes and sizes are available. Up to 2.9 Sq. In.WD1NO LAMINATE 291.81335.80358.00217.26161.4698.21 See Sales Associate for details. LAMINATED 350.18402.96429.60260.71193.76117.86 3 to 5.9 Sq. In.WD2NO LAMINATE 309.86362.14383.58255.71190.04135.05 INKS LAMINATED 371.82434.57460.29306.86228.05162.05 6 to 8.9 Sq. In.WD3NO LAMINATE 318.89375.30421.93268.52199.55147.33 Decals are printed with lightfast inks for extraLAMINATED 382.67450.35506.32322.21239.46176.79 fade resistance. UV varnish is included in the9 to 11.9 Sq. In.WD4NO LAMINATE 327.92408.23473.07306.86228.04171.88 decals base price for non-laminated options. LAMINATED 393.50489.87567.70368.22273.65206.25 12 to 14.9 Sq. In.WD5NO LAMINATE 333.92421.39511.43332.43234.70186.09 PACKAGING LAMINATED 400.71505.67613.71398.91281.64223.30 15 to 17.9 Sq. In.WD6NO LAMINATE 343.95441.15522.35335.79243.73209.34 On rolls of 500. Some sizes can be individuallyLAMINATED 412.73529.38626.82402.95292.48251.21 cut. We do not recommend sheeting of18 to 20.9 Sq. In.WD7NO LAMINATE 358.49452.28538.74337.08249.32232.62 NUMBERED DECALS. Shrink-wrapping isLAMINATED 430.20542.75646.49404.49299.19279.14 available. See Sales Associate for details. 21 to 23.9 Sq. In.WD8NO LAMINATE 370.86465.21574.65360.33266.51254.76 LAMINATED 445.03558.26689.58432.39319.82305.71 CUSTOM DECALS 24 to 26.9 Sq. In.WD9NO LAMINATE 377.03484.58598.60383.58283.71276.91 LAMINATED 452.44581.50718.32460.29340.46332.29 Double-sided decals are available. 27 to 29.9 Sq. In.WD10NO LAMINATE 383.22510.44622.54406.81300.90277.68 See Sales Associate for details. LAMINATED 459.87612.52747.06488.17361.08333.23 30 to 32.9 Sq. In.WD11NO LAMINATE 392.48529.83658.46441.70326.69299.06 LAMINATE LAMINATED 470.98635.79790.16530.03392.03358.86 33 to 35.9 Sq. In.WD12NO LAMINATE 401.76542.73706.35499.80369.69314.24 Available in clear or white. LAMINATED 482.11651.29847.62599.76443.62377.09 36 to 38.9 Sq. In.WD13NO LAMINATE 411.03555.66720.48509.81377.07320.51 LAMINATED 493.23666.79864.57611.76452.48384.62 39 to 41.9 Sq. In.WD14NO LAMINATE 423.39575.04730.29511.44378.27321.54 LAMINATED 508.07690.05876.35613.72453.93385.84 H O W T O O R D E R 42 to 44.9 Sq. In.WD15NO LAMINATE 429.57587.97819.39546.30404.07343.46 LAMINATED 515.49705.57983.27655.56484.89412.16 1 Choose your shape and size 45 to 47.9 Sq. In.WD16NO LAMINATE 435.75594.43835.79557.92412.66350.76 LAMINATED 522.90713.321002.94669.50495.19420.91Additional Inks75.0099.0099.0050.0050.0025.00 Above 5M or more than 3 inks, please see Sales Associate.2 Choose your material White Film-AdhesiveClear Film- Clear Film- 7ABack Permanent* Removable**Specify Face or Back Adhesive. 3 Choose your imprint ink maroon red pink rhodamine purple violet dark blue aqua blue sky blue forest green dark green shamrockblue-green brown bronze gold grey cool grey silver red-orange orange yellow white blackHelp us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover.31 Samples not shown to size.29'