b'S E L F L A M I N A T I N GPricing below is for one standard ink color.These labels can be used indoors or outdoors. PER LOT PER THOUSAND They are perfect for ISO requirements, W x LCatalog #2505001,0002,0003,0005,000warranty control, and calibration tags, just to name a few.1 x 2SL1 174.77205.11260.63141.29105.0869.53 2 x 2SL2 181.14210.69266.59169.64131.5087.82 2 x 3SL3 187.54217.08273.78172.05139.32102.98 2 x 4SL4 193.93224.26278.57173.62140.93113.79 3 x 3SL5 197.12227.46280.98174.84142.12120.06 3 x 4SL6 205.90236.26287.38178.03145.31124.97 Additional Inks50.0050.0050.0029.0019.0013.00 Above 5M or more than 2 inks, please see Sales Associate.Photo shows a 4 color imprint and can be run as a custom job, see Sales Associate for details. 8AWrite your copy then applythe lamination.NOTE: Virtually every writing apparatus can be used to write on these labels. All secondary copy areas need to be positionedfrom the lamination and 3/ 8from the edge of the label. Packaged on a roll of 1000, and on a 3 core. For more stock choices see your Sales Associate.The 2x 3 Appointment Card includes the peel-off label for calendar reminder. Available as a circle, house, paw, tooth,car, or heart.See individual design for catalog number.Colors shown on die-cut pull-off labels can be customized up to 2 inks on business card. Your imprint color can be chosenon page 29.Samples not shown to Business/Appointment Card size. 30'