b'B U S I N E S S C A R D S & A P P O I N T M E N T C A R D SS E L F A D H E S I V E C A R D SThe self-sticking business card has the look and feel of a conventional business card but does much more. Apply the card to letters, brochures, catalogs, etc. When its time to place the order, your name will be out front. The appointment card will help you remember those important dates and times. The special peel-off label for appointment information can be placed on your calendar or put in your appointment book.PACKAGINGShrink wrapped in units of 250. Pricing below is for one standard ink color. PER LOT PER THOUSANDW x LCatalog #2505001,0002,0003,0005,00010,000Business card1061122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 2 x 31062122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 1062T122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 1062P122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 1062C122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 1062HRT122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 1062H122.75131.46149.75115.26103.2186.0267.08 Additional Ink 50.0050.0050.0029.0019.0013.008.00H O W T O O R D E RAbove 10M or more than 2 inks, please see Sales Associate.1 Choose your shape and size 7AFor Business or Appointment Cards Self Laminating2 Choose your material White Pressure White Litho withWhite Poly with Sensitive Card Stock Lamination Lamination**15% upcharge will apply 3 Choose your imprint ink maroon red pink rhodamine purple violet dark blue aqua blue sky blue forest green dark green shamrock blue-green brown bronze goldgrey cool grey silver red-orange orange yellow white black pastel green pastel pink pastel yellow pastel blue goldenrod light grey ivory spring greenHelp us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover.29 Samples not shown to size.29'