b'C U S T O M M A I L I N G S H I P P I N G L A B E L SC U S T O M L A B E L SIf you do not see the size, color or quantity you need, please see a Sales Associate for details or for more options.PACKAGING Rolls of 1000Can be individually cut (upcharges will apply) Perforated between each label Fanfolded upon requestAll labels will be packaged on rolls unless otherwise specified. See Sales Associatefor details.CreateYour Own Custom Shipping Labels!Custom Label Pricing is for one standard ink color.PER LOT PER THOUSANDW x LCatalog #5001,0002,0003,0005,00010,00015,00025,0004 x 2CML1 183.11198.61146.49122.3992.9772.6967.6165.91 4 x 3CML2 200.00214.09160.57133.25101.4186.2181.1272.69 5 x 3CML3 221.13238.04183.11150.29111.5498.0292.9784.51 5 x 4CML4 284.50298.60231.00176.63133.53118.32113.24104.786 x 4CML5 292.96309.87243.66202.95150.42136.92130.15113.245 x 7CML6 329.59349.30273.25227.75169.01136.91132.90130.15 H O W T O O R D E R Additional Inks67.0067.0034.0023.0013. Above 25M or more than 3 inks, please see Sales Associate.1 Choose your shape and size 8AWhite EDPRed Orange Pink Green Chartreuse White Litho2 Choose your material Smudgeproof Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent FluorescentData Gloss20% upcharge 3 Choose your imprint ink maroon red pink rhodamine purple violet dark blue aqua blue sky blue forest green dark green shamrockblue-green brown bronze gold grey cool grey silver red-orange orange yellow white blackHelp us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover.Samples not shown to size. 26'