b'For 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14 templates.P A C K A G I N GPER LOT PER THOUSAND250 sheets per pack. 100 sheet packs are available.1002505007501,0002,5005,000Reference page 25 for imprinted pricing. See Sales AssociateBlank 42.6773.86123.08167.74202.44187.34150.50 for details. Above 5M, please see Sales Associate.6APRROODDUUCCTT##22227744 PRROODDUUCCTT##22227755P PL LAABBEELLSSIZIZEE::2211//22""DDiaia""LAABBEELLSSIIZZEE::1155//88""DDiaia"" LLABELS PER SHEET LABELS PER SHEET: 12: 12LABELS PER SHEET: 24: 24 LABELS PER SHEETSINGLE LASER SHIPPING LABELSOverall size is 4 18 " x 9", shipping label size is 3 38 " x 4", See sample below for label setups.CD LabelCD & Spine CD LabelCD & Spine P PRROODDUUCCTT##33000055 PER LOT PER THOUSAND PRROODDUUCCTT##33001122 PL ABBEELLSSIIZZEE::4411//22""DDiiaaLABEL SIZE: 4 5/8" Dia, LA Layout 2505007501,0002,0003,0005,000LABEL SIZE: 4 5/8" Dia, LABELS PER SHEET blankblankblankblankblankblankblankSPINE SIZE: 4 5/8"x 1/4" LABELS PER SHEET: : 22SPINE SIZE: 4 5/8"x 1/4"LABELS PER SHEET L950, L951, L952,LABELS PER SHEET: : 22L953, L954 43.9584.52123.75160.57147.05143.69138.60 Above 5M, please see Sales Associate.6AS A M E S I Z E A S # 10 E N V E LO P E(Black lines shown do not imprint)Item #L950: Instructional black imprint onItem #L951: No printing around mailing border as shown on left unless noted. Doeslabel unless specified. Can be left blank or not count as additional color. print custom message.Item #L952: Black lines shown represent dieItem #L953: Two up shipping labelBlackItem #L954: Single shipping label with outlines only and will not print. Additional die lines shown represent die outlines only andfour additional die cuts.Black lines shown cuts are not pre-printed so you can personalize will not print. represent die outline only and will not print.your own message.NOTE: Packs of various blank labels may be combined for quantity pricing. For Laser Labels, include product reference number from pages 23 or 24 with order. For imprinted pricing, see page 25.Samples not shown to size.24'