b'Pricing is for one standard ink color.PACKAGINGPER LOT PER THOUSAND Individually cut and shrink wrapped in unitsW x L Catalog #1252505001,0001,5002,0003,0005,000 of 250.See Sales Associate for details.2 x 5BS9 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.364 x 6 OvalBS1 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 2 x 9BS8 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36BS753 x 8BS2 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 3 x 8 RibbonBS10 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 3 x 5 FootballBS11 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 3 x 7BS3 226.15265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 3 x 11 3 / 8 BS4 254.78292.92357.51486.74437.92358.95313.02267.06 2 x 15BS5 286.46305.83390.53519.77470.95429.31360.41305.83 3 x 15BS6 300.02323.20429.31604.49559.97547.04463.78381.94 5 DiameterBS7 254.78265.76326.69419.42386.21308.69271.78233.36 Additional Inks 100.00100.00100.00100.0070.0040.0030.0020.00 Above 5M or more than 3 inks, please see Sales Associate.8AVARIABLE TAB POSITION CREATES OPPORTUNITY.for a rebate coupon, promotional message, etc.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPTION.Back printing!USAAbove 5M or more than 3 inks, please see Sales Associate.BS14 x 6NOTE: UV varnish is included in base label price. Face tab added for ease of removal. Oval, Football, Ribbon and Circle shapes are backslit. Backside printing is available at the cost of an additional color. Black imprint is recommended. Labels are repositionable during initial application only.20'