b'S U P E R F O I L , E M B O S S E D , F O I L E M B O S S E DH O W T O O R D E R1 Choose your shape and size FF59White Litho Yellow Litho Red Orange Pink Green Chartreuseor White Gloss or Yellow Gloss Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent Fluorescent2 Choose your material Most popular choices (additional selections on pg 1).White Litho White Litho orGold Foil Silver Foilor Gloss Opaque Gloss Removable Brown Kraft Black Gloss Dull or Shiny Dull or Shiny Clear PolyAdditional stocks (15% upcharge).Foil stocks recommended for embossing. Additional stock (50% upcharge).3 Choose your foilTHESE COLORS ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF METALLIC IMPRINTSimprint colorred blue purple aqua pink copper teal gold silver greenMATTE COLORSred dark blue light blue orange brown red-orange yellow dark green light green pink barn red black whiteHOLOGRAPHIC FOILSPillars of Light Silver Holo Glitter Silver Holo Cracked IceHelp us process your order quickly, see the HOW TO ORDER steps on the back inside cover.15'