b'Pricing is for one standard ink color.S Q U A R E C U T L A B E L SPER LOTPER THOUSANDSizeCatalog #5001,0002,0003,0005,00010,000 Up to 1SQ1146.64183.30129.17104.3868.4545.29DESIGN A LABEL 1.1 to 2SQ2150.21194.69133.45107.7971.4746.63TO FIT YOUR NEEDS2.1 to 3SQ3158.83205.88141.13111.2174.4549.21 3.1 to 4SQ4163.16211.49142.00114.6377.4151.77PRICING: To figure your square-inch price4.1 to 5SQ5167.45217.06146.31118.0780.4054.34category, multiply width x length.5.1 to 6SQ6171.82222.74150.56121.4983.4356.88EXAMPLE:/ 2 " x 5" = 2.5" sq. inches or16.1 to 7SQ7176.10228.26154.85124.9286.4359.502" x4" = 8" sq. inches7.1 to 8SQ8180.38233.84159.15128.3297.9770.58 8.1 to 9SQ9181.16239.41163.43131.76100.9573.19CUSTOM LABELS: If you do not see the size,9.1 to 10SQ10 189.02245.04167.67135.17103.9675.75quantity or stock you need, see your Sales Associate. 10.1 to 11SQ11 193.32250.63171.96138.60106.9778.32P A C K A G I N G11.1 to 12SQ12 197.64256.19176.22142.00109.9580.85 12.1 to 13SQ13 201.94261.75180.53145.45112.9188.57Dispenser boxes available with most sizes, but not recommended for square cut labels.1000 per roll. 13.1 to 14SQ14 206.28267.39185.68148.85115.9394.553/ 8 " Labels are delivered 2 across.14.1 to 15SQ15 210.57272.96189.07152.30118.9197.13 15.1 to 16SQ16 214.89278.55194.22155.70121.9499.68 16.1 to 17SQ17 219.20284.14196.77159.15124.92105.68 17.1 to 18SQ18 221.13289.71202.76162.53127.95108.21 18.1 to 20SQ20 239.33310.23215.58171.96136.88112.91 20.1 to 22SQ22 245.77318.60236.10180.53147.15116.36 22.1 to 24SQ24 257.27333.50248.10189.07157.41127.63 24.1 to 27.5SQ26 267.51348.39260.07197.66167.69136.88 27.6 to 31SQ27 290.12372.04272.25209.81178.37149.18 31.1 to 35SQ28316.68380.59282.87220.47189.03158.42Additional Inks 67.0067.0034.0023.0013.007.00Above 10M or more than 3 inks, please see Sales Associate.6AIllustrates a stock border to eliminate bleed.NOTE: Illustrates additionalFlood coating is available. See Sales Associate for details. Label size needs to be in increments tooling used to create of1 / 8 ". Minimum label size3 / 8 "x3 / 8 ". Maximum a tab between labelslabel size 5x 7".that allows for a bleed. See Sales Associate forSpecify unwind direction. Imprintable or Gloss availability and details. Varnish is available and charged as an additional color. Samples not shown to size.$25 (X) fee will apply to orders with a bleed.Tab will be required.10'